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WordPress Parallax Scrolling

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Don Silvernail // 06/21/2015

WordPress Parallax Scrolling

What design elements can be used to help your website stand out from the crowd? Info graphics, images, pictures, sound, user interaction items (buttons), and animation the list goes on. Today we talk about WordPress Parallax scrolling effects. Parallax is the illusion of movement on a computer screen and can be achieved easily with the use of WordPress Plugins or WordPress themes.

The video above is a clip from my website showing how the WordPress Parallax Scrolling effect looks. I used two static images and placed them in the background of some div elements on the page itself. This gives the effect of movement. The images are not moving, they stay in-place. The layer above the images is moving. This layer consists of the written content and display boxes. While the content is still a work in progress the desired product has been achieved. The rocket is symbolic of a business’s anticipation of growing their lead base and in turn their business. The next image represents the stars in the universe meaning the possibilities are endless when you use or 4 step lead generation process. I am using the WordPress Parallax Scrolling effect as a symbolic call to action. The effect is pleasant and draws the eyes of my reader to what I want them to see, hopefully enticing them to fill out my contact form.

My next post later in the week will have a step by step process and video of how to add the Parallax effect to your own web pages. The plugin I use even allows for video to be used with the parallax effect given even another layer of animation to your visible design.

I am currently using a ThemeStudio  with many customized options to allow the desired design effects that I need to produce my presentation. This theme is bundled with WordPress Visual Composer and Parallax Backgrounds for VC. ThemeStudio has given me top notch customer support and worked directly with me when I uncovered some bugs with the code.

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