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WordPress Redesign: Problem Solving At Its Best

WordPress Redesign - WordPress designer Don Silvernail
Don Silvernail // 06/03/2015

Where to start with a WordPress Redesign?

As a WordPress designer I love to take on challenges. I look at every new design as a problem needing a specific solution. Designers are essentially problem solvers. We create to provide solutions for businesses and individuals alike. This is especially so when redesigning an old website. There are many questions to ask the client when beginning a redesign to ensure the end result meets all the objectives.

  • Why does the client need a new design?
  • What are the goals moving forward?
  • What technologies should be included in the design?
  • Will a WordPress redesign work for the specific needs of the client?
  • What are the marketing and social media goals?
  • Does the content need to be updated?
  • IS the client looking to rebrand?

These questions and many others will start to organize the scope of the project. Trying to determine all the deliverables in the project needs to happen before a WordPress redesign can even begin and in some cases can take longer than coding redesign itself.

I personally love WordPress redesigns. I take pride in my work and that shines when I take a broken website and put together something that actually works for the client. I mainly work with small businesses and I don’t see the process as a singular effort. Much of the heart of the redesign comes from the knowledge and expertise of the clients I work with. I am a WordPress designer with skills in Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Management. I know very little at first of my client’s daily routines and business objectives. Through my questioning process and working one on one with each of my clients I am guided towards solutions.

These experiences has helped me put together my 4 Step Lead Generation Process.

  1. WordPress redesign or new custom WordPress website design.
  2. Content Marketing plan custom tailored to the client’s needs and objectives.
  3. SEO Optimization using Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin.
  4. Social Media Management.

I have helped many businesses ramp up their organic search traffic and turn that traffic into quality leads that convert.

Here is what Carl G. Archer of Mercer Elder Law had to say about my services:

Don created my website and runs my Facebook page, and I’m very satisfied with that. But what he actually accomplished for my business is much bigger than that. Don approached me in July 2014 to develop a content marketing plan involving search engine optimization for my business, and offered to help me draft custom blog content. I have used and continued to use that content to promote my practice areas and provide information to potential clients. The effects of this content marketing program have been nothing short of spectacular. I was strongly of the opinion that my potential clients were not looking on the internet to find me, and I have been forced to reevaluate that conclusion after I watched my business grow 40% in just six months. Silvernail Web Design’s content marketing and SEO programs have paid for themselves twenty times over, and it is quite possibly the best investment I’ve ever made in my business.

Nothing like happy customers!

My current project is a WordPress redesign of Cardone Electric. Keven contacted me because he wanted a website that looked modern and could update himself with before and after images of the projects he created. While the project is not quite done here are some images of the progress made and what is sure to be another happy customer!

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When you love what you do for a living, it's not work. I love Designing WordPress Websites and crafting unique Content Marketing Strategies for my Clients.
I am also a Fishing Enthusiast, avid Gamer, and most recently... I bought a Jeep and joined the Jeep Wrangler Club. If you see me on the road, don't forget to wave!

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