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Who Will Your Customers Trust? Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

What is the single most important trait your prime customer looks for when deciding who to do business with? That trait my fellow readers is “TRUST”. Trust is the foundation of any business and should be instilled within company culture.What is Company Culture?  The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines culture as “The set of shared attitudes, values, […]

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Top Three Content Marketing Ideas for Acupuncturists

So, you decided to open an acupuncture practice. You’re confident, you’re experienced, you’re ready to take on the world. Except, where do your patients come from? You could be the best acupuncturist on the planet but, if no one knows about you, business will be tough to sustain. Acquiring patients for an acupuncture practice is tough. […]

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The coveted “Featured Snippet” box atop Google search results

The coveted “Featured Snippet” box atop Google search resultsA “Featured Snippet” Appears at the top of Google search results. Its purpose is to give the searcher precise information based on the search term. In the image to the left I used the search term “Web Design NJ”. What returned from the search query is a Feature Snippet box with the top […]

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Content Marketing and WordPress

WordPress and Content Marketing Go Together Like “Peas and Carrots”So you want to drive traffic to your stagnant website. Where do you begin? Pay per click ads can be effective but expensive. Everyone is talking about how Social Media has produced for their business but you post to your business page everyday and receive little […]

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WordPress 4.5 Released!

WordPress 4.5 releases with some very nifty upgrades under the hood. This is a very exciting release and I am sure you will find many of the new additions to be an asset with your WordPress Websites and Blogs!Live Responsive Previews in the Customizer The Responsive preview buttons are tucked away at the bottom of […]

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