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What is Search Intent and How Can I Use It to Generate Business Leads?

What is Search Intent
Don Silvernail // 02/07/2018

What does Search Intent Mean and how can I use it to generate leads for my business?

Search intent is SEO 101. As Search Engine Marketers we try to decipher what a user will use as a keyword for their intended query. Basically, why does a user conduct a specific search, what are they looking for? Matching your content to a user’s search intent increases user engagement, retention, and lead generation.

It is common for users to search on Google by asking a question. Let’s take this article for instance. The topic and content of this article is, what is Search Intent? If you enter this question into Google several articles will return in the SERPS giving an answer and a reason for what Search Intent is, why it should be used for search engine marketing, and how to determine a user’s Search Intent.

I recently had a conversion with a client of mine at LouLou Piscatore L.AC about driving more traffic to her acupuncture business. I explained that the content of the website should reflect the reasons a person would use an acupuncturist in the first place. We had to come up with content that Educates, Informs and Engages potential patients. We had to answer the questions the patients were asking. LouLou then produced the article, “Top Ten Benefits of Acupuncture”. Not only did this article solve a user’s Search Intent it also educates about other conditions that acupuncture could help alleviate. So, if the user’s intent was back pain relief, they may have also found out by reading the article that Acupuncture also treats stress which could also lead to back pain.

LOULOU’s experience speaks for itself so if a potential patient finds her acupuncture clinic by asking Google a question they are more likely to use her as their acupuncturist. That’s where Thought Leadership and Patient trust is developed.

Read Who Will Your Customers Trust? Thought Leadership and Content Marketing for more information on Thought Leadership.

In conclusion, answering the questions that your potential clients, customers, or patients are asking will lead them to your content and potentially do business with you. These content marketing pieces that Educate, Inform, and engage build trust and show your experience on the subject.

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