SEO If You Want To Generate Organic Business Leads

Many clients come to me looking for solutions to increase business leads from their websites. My answer is always SEO, however, the first thing clients ask about is Google AdWords. While pay per click ads can be quite effective they are not always profitable for the money conscious business looking to grow. So what can generate organic traffic to one’s website? SEO!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to rank better on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It is a simple idea, the higher your website ranks on the first page of the (SERP) or Search Engine Results Page the more likely you are to receive organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is like a free business lead, no costs per click here. A potential client simply puts a search term in the search box and they find your site instantly. Simple right? Read on…

SEO is actually a complex process. It takes time, patience, research, trial and error, and at times a little bit of luck. You are competing against every business on the internet for top national rankings. The number of businesses decrease as you localize your target market. Depending on the goal of a business one should decide if an SEO campaign should be local or national. A plumber out of New York City will not want to compete on a national scale but with other plumbers located within a geographical region. This still is not always easy. New York is a city with close to 9 million people, which many may have their own plumbing business. This is where trial and error comes into play. It all comes down to keywords.

There are many sources to help research keywords to optimize the pages of a web site. My favorite is the Google Keyword Planner. This is found within Google AdWords so you will need an account to use it. The tool will give you data based upon the keywords being researched and the settings used. If you have a website powered with WordPress, I recommend using the Yoast Plugin for WordPress as this will help optimize pages for the chosen key words. Last but not least is the use of a MOZ PRO subscription to track, analyze, and calibrate your SEO data.

I fully endorse for small businesses a properly implemented SEO campaign before a PPC campaign is used. Let the optimized website generate leads to build revenue before spending a fortune on ads that may or may not work to begin with. What is learned from optimizing a website site can be applied to PPC campaigns later after enough data is gathered to target a specific audience.
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