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Why Your Next Website Should Be Powered by WordPress

WordPress Designer, SEO, Content Marketing
Don Silvernail // 01/21/2015

Why Your Next Website Should Be Powered by WordPress:

Let’s cut to the chase, WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) in the world. WordPress is not just for bloggers and hobbyists. The platform has a reputable track record as a powerful framework to design just about any kind of website imaginable. From blogs to ecommerce the possibilities are endless. Nasa, Harvard, Forbes and LinkedIn use WordPress to power their websites, and each of these receive thousands of hits a day.   

So How can WordPress Help You? 


Lets start with the SEO benefits. WordPress has incredibly clean code which search engines love! So right out of the box, Google will be able to easily crawl and index your site and list your business or blog in search results. This is especially good for business owners looking to drive organic traffic to their websites. The more traffic the more qualified leads your business has the opportunity to capture. WordPress is also a blogging platform and a blog can be easily added to any type of WordPress website. This is great news as one of the most effective ways to boost your ranking on search engines is properly optimized blog posts. There are multitudes of plugins that can help with optimization. One of my favorites is the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin. This plugin is powerful, and when used properly can boost your rankings through the roof.  


An unorganized website is hard to navigate and from a user experience may be downright terrible. WordPress changes all that. The platform is organized allowing for content to be categorized, tagged, searched, and displayed when needed. Add a search box to the site and all information can be queried and listed based on relevant search terms. Images are stored in a folder of your specification on the server and can be easily navigated using the media library built into WordPress. Don’t forget to add alt text to your images. Just select the image within the media library and fill out the “Alt Text” field. This can be loaded with key words the help your site rank. 

Home Page Design:

The root of any website is its home page. WordPress allows for great customization for user experience. The basis for any WordPress site is its theme. Themes can be bought at a premium price, developed from scratch, or found for free. Creativity is key here. You want a website that can stand out and attract your audience, set you apart from the competition. WordPress can give your site that edge. Even if you decide to use a free theme customizations can be done to extend its abilities and purpose, in fact any WordPress them can be modified to fit individual needs.  


Every website these days should be dynamic, meaning they are always changing. With Google content is king. High quality content that relates to your business niche or website subject will boost your search results. WordPress gives even the novice an easy platform to create, update and distribute content to be consumed by the masses. Google will favor relevant content, that’s why I write posts about WordPress Web Site Design, SEO best practices, Social Marketing and other relevant topics. Keep your website up to date, fresh, and relevant to your niche and you will be rewarded.


Want to add a sports schedule for your team’s website, there is a plugin for that… Plugins essentially extends the ability of your website. They do not necessarily have to enhance the user experience, some plugins make things easier for admins like the Yoast plugin. This allows WordPress admins to optimize their sites for SEO purposes. Other plugins will directly enhance the user experience like image galleries, You Tube video integration, media players, fonts, layouts, and other tasks. If you can think it there is probably a plugin for it. Most plugins are free however, there are many premium plugins that may have a charge for them. Most premium plugins will have a free or trial version that offers lesser functionality or timed expiration.

Social Media Integration:

With WordPress Social Media Integration is easy. All WordPress installs come loaded with Jet Pack Plugin. Jet Pack is a suite of functions that extend the website. You will need a WordPress.com account to link it to your website. Here you will be able to turn on valuable features such as social media buttons for sharing your content. Also you can turn on stats. This tracks the visitors to your site so you can see if your SEO efforts are working.


WordPress has an extensive knowledge base. If you need an answer to your question you can probably find it in the WordPress Codex. There are also many online resources and message boards where questions can be posted. Responses come quick in the world of WordPress. Chances are you won’t have to wait long for an answer to that nagging question.

It’s Free:

Well, kind of. WordPress is an open source platform so anybody can download it and jump right in. If you put the time in many things are not too difficult to learn. WordPress has a one click install available with most hosting providers making installation easy. Most themes and plugins are uploaded right from the admin of your site. If you’re not too ambitious there are plenty of designers and developers like myself who can help design an effective website for you. Prices can vary greatly depending on who you hire and your needs. Many times cost are cheaper than other content management systems due to WordPress ease of use.

In Conclusion:

WordPress is an effective platform for any website. It is powerful and lean allowing for fast load times and much customization. From eccomerce to blogging WordPress has you covered. I offer many services that can help you get your site live on the web; from web hosting and domain name registration to design, development and maintaining your site. Give me a call (862)-812-1612 or email mail me for more information.    

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