Archer Law Office Web Design and Marketing Project

Showcasing our finest clients and proudest creations.

Archer Brogan Project Synopsis

Archer Brogan formally Archer Law Office is a boutique elder law firm located in New Jersey. Silvernail Web Design has been working with Archer since 2013 and has helped grow and mature the firm into its current online presence. Through advertising, content marketing, social media management, and SEO, Silvernail has overseen all digital aspects of Archers online infrastructure, including Archers merge with Brogan Law at the start of 2022.

The Design

Silvernail Web Design decided on a simple yet informative approach to the user experience.  The use of call to actions early prompts potential clients already familiar with the firm to get in touch or request a consultation. From there information is provided with clear messaging and easy navigation throughout all the sites pages.

Content Marketing

Silvernail Web Design has produced a content marketing campaign that focuses on keyword expandability and utilizes the concepts of Engaging, Informative, and Educational content as a means to drive keyword rankings and to keep users on site.

Social Media

Silvernail Web Design has utilized the content produced for search engines and informing users to create communities and inform potential clients on social media channels about the services Archer Brogan provides.

Video Production

Silvernail Web Design has been on location to film and produce informational videos portraying the various staff and attoney’s knowledge of hot topic items.

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