The Compost Man Web Design Project

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The Compost Man Web Design Project

The Compost Man runs a unique Central New Jersey Business. They provide composts support and pickup in Hunterdon and Mercer counties. They also provide landscaping using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly landscaping services. Using all electric powered equipment and Eco-friendly fertilizers and insect repelents, they have carved a unique in demand niche

The Design

Silvernail Web Design decided on a simple yet informative approach to the user experience.  The use of call to actions early prompts potential clients already familiar with the firm to get in touch or request a consultation. From there information is provided with clear messaging and easy navigation throughout all the sites pages. Images are used to symbolize the services provided and give users a glimpse at what they can expect.

Logo & Branding

Silvernail Web Design, helped to bring The Compost Man's online persona to life. Creating a logo that easily identifiesThe Compost Man as a green company we helped establish their identity to their clients. We also chose shades of green and a strong font to produce clear messaging and symbolizim on the website.

Current Side Project

Compost Man has contracted Silvernail Web Design to inctegrate an online payment system into the current website. We are using WooCommerce to create a product that provides 6 or 2 months of composting services. We are near the end of the project.

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