Written by Don Silvernail

Microessence: E-Commerce and Course Building Project

Microessence is an E-Commerce website with a focus on selling their own line of products and a course that provides CEU credits. Microessence specializes in microneedling and products that are utlize with their microneedling devices. The course teaches practitioners how to use the Microessence microneedling device. Upon completion of the course the user receives credits for their time.

The Design

The website was broken up into two parts, first we built the online store to sell the products. This included the use of a wholesale plugin so we we can sell certain products to registered practitioners at a discount and block products that are not for the general public. Once the E-Commerce store was setup and operation, Silvernail Web Design started designing the online course. 

The online course features an easy to use navgation, and a multitude of videos and text resources to train the practiotioners in the use of the Microessence, Microneedling device, and how to administer microneedling. The course features a quiz at the end which requires a 70% to pass.

Once the user completes the course, they are brought to the completion screen. Here they get a certificate for their efforts and discount to by the microneedling package. We use automation to provide the discount for 24 hours.

Social Media Advertising

We are running ads directly to professionals and practitioners to inform about the course and the products. 

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