The coveted "Featured Snippet" box atop Google search results

A “Featured Snippet” Appears at the top of Google search results. Its purpose is to give the searcher precise information based on the search term. In the image to the left I used the search term “Web Design NJ”. What returned from the search query is a Feature Snippet box with the top 3 NJ web design companies that would be relevant to me. Google uses hyper local search algorithms to produce local search results relevant to the needs of the searcher. In this case, Silvernail Web Design being showcased at the top of the Feature Snippet box is a valuable position for my business.

So, How Do I Optimize For "Featured Snippets"?

There are many theories of how to rank in a featured snippet. However, Google has not given away the secret. What I have found is (not through any scientific study) that clear concise information on the page you want to rank for in a featured snippet is the most important factor. Once again Content is King. Produce relevant information that answers a question for your target audience and you will find your company ranking more and more in featured snippet boxes.

So You Have A Business But It Is Not Ranking On Google

Your NJ Business needs the help of a Web Design and Content Marketing Expert!