Being left behind in the dust by your competitors is never a good feeling....

So what should you do to catch up?    "Start A Blog!"

Does Blogging Really Help With SEO

A Blog is dynamic not static like your websites standard pages. This is why blogging can take your SEO strategy to new heights. Blogging gives you the flexibility to optimize for new keywords that your current static pages cannot. For instance, take this blog post you are reading right now. The goal is to rank for keywords associated with blogging and SEO strategies. Lets take a look at how this post can expand my keyword list where my static pages cannot.

Keyword expansion sample for blogging for SEO

Blogging Keywords

SEO Keywords

does blogging help with SEO 

SEO Strategy

blogging for SEO

blogging and SEO strategies

should I start a blog

blogging for SEO

As you can see, this blog post has expanded my SEO strategy to include new Keywords previously not available to optimize on my static pages.

Your Competitors Are Blogging

This is the most important reason to start a SEO strategy that includes blogging. Your competitors are doing it….

If you have not started a blog its time to get down to business and start writing. A good source of topics comes right from the competition. Google loves good fresh content. The information in a blog post should be clear concise and accurate, but most of all it should be better then your competitors content. So if you are behind, the best place to start blogging is by creating content based on what is helping your competitors rank, but make that content much better! What can you add to the conversation that your competitors are not. Sounds simple, and it is however, be careful not to plagiarize your competitors content. What you write should be your words based on your experience and expertise in your field.  Before you know it, your website is ranking driving traffic and sales!

So Does Blogging Help With SEO?

Yes!!! And if you would like to hire someone to do it for you, click the button below ­čÖé

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