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Contact Form 7 WordPress Tutorial Submit Button Redirect

Contact Form 7 is one of the most widely used contact form plugins in the WordPress universe. Its simple design layout allows for great customizations but for the beginner this can be a tedious process. Today we focus on a task that should be easy, but has given many trouble. How does one redirect the “Submit” button to another page? Lets understand why a contact form would need to do this in the first place.

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The New Logo Design

Silvernail Web Design was using a basic transparent logo that has no real identifying attributes. Plain and ordinary it was time for a change. So I busted open Photoshop and got to work. One of the main aspects of todays web design world is that web sites and images have responsive properties.

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Social Networking!!!!

Social Networking…

I used to think that Social Networking was a fad; I was almost proven right when My Space kicked the bucket. Now, however; Social networks are a necessary aspect of the multimedia designer. How does ones work get to the eyes of the audience? Social Networks! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + the list goes on and on.

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Templates…. Easy?

I get this sentiment often as a designer. “Wordpress is easy”, “Designers only use templates”, “Anyone can design websites”, I say do it. If you can create a design from an open template, show me how easy it is. I will put together a list of needs and creative ideas I would like to incorporate on the template of my choosing and you can make it happen Easy!

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Holy Web Design Overload!

Sometimes it is hard to find clients, other times there is just so much work to do there is little time to relax. I am in a period of web design overload! This is mostly my own doing as I decided to retool my own website while working on 6 different projects.

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