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Why WordPress?

Originally created in 2003, WordPress grew from a simple blogging tool into a content management system (or CMS) used by nearly 12 million sites. It is free and can be placed on most, if not all, hosting companies such as GoDaddy, HostGator, Blue Host, Host Monster and Hostamania (This is real Funny)!

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Contact Form 7 WordPress Tutorial Submit Button Redirect

Contact Form 7 is one of the most widely used contact form plugins in the WordPress universe. Its simple design layout allows for great customizations but for the beginner this can be a tedious process. Today we focus on a task that should be easy, but has given many trouble. How does one redirect the “Submit” button to another page? Lets understand why a contact form would need to do this in the first place.

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The New Logo Design

Silvernail Web Design was using a basic transparent logo that has no real identifying attributes. Plain and ordinary it was time for a change. So I busted open Photoshop and got to work. One of the main aspects of todays web design world is that web sites and images have responsive properties.

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Social Networking!!!!

Social Networking…

I used to think that Social Networking was a fad; I was almost proven right when My Space kicked the bucket. Now, however; Social networks are a necessary aspect of the multimedia designer. How does ones work get to the eyes of the audience? Social Networks! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + the list goes on and on.

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Templates…. Easy?

I get this sentiment often as a designer. “Wordpress is easy”, “Designers only use templates”, “Anyone can design websites”, I say do it. If you can create a design from an open template, show me how easy it is. I will put together a list of needs and creative ideas I would like to incorporate on the template of my choosing and you can make it happen Easy!

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