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At Silvernail Web Design we take pride in producing results for our clients. No one business is identical to another! That's why we craft personalized marketing strategies tuned for your unique business goals. Whether you are looking for a Creative WordPress Design, SEO Services or Content Marketing, our #1 goal is producing Leads for your Unique Business!

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Very professional and importantly personable. Don actually communicates with you on how to achieve your business goals. He also works very hard to to help establish your business website and does the right things to make it grow. Highly recommended!

thumb JM Kim
January 15, 2020

Don is a consummate professional. His creativity and knowledge is unmatched. I have worked on several projects with Don and he has been out front with ideas and solutions for some of my unique challenges. I would recommend him for any project you might have.

thumb Chris Porto
January 15, 2020

One of the best web designers in the area they offer a premier WordPress ​web design and digital marketing service. Located in New Jersey Silvernail provide professional web design to their custom which includes content marketing, SEO and Social Media Management.

thumb Jess Adams
November 22, 2019

Don at Silvernail Web Design is THE professional. He's a master of his craft. I highly recommend you use his mastery to your business and it will turn your trickle of business into a roar!

thumb Julio Andrade
June 19, 2019

Great Service! We couldn't be happier with the results. Don is a pleasure to work with and his results were almost immediate and keep on improving.

thumb Dawn Mitterhoff
December 6, 2018

​Client Testimonials on Silvernail Web Design

Carl Archer Archer Law Office LLC Elder Law Attorney

Don created my WordPress website design and runs my Facebook page, and I’m very satisfied with that. But what he actually accomplished for my business is much bigger than that. Don approached me in July 2014 to develop a content marketing plan involving search engine optimization for my business, and offered to help me draft custom blog content. I have used and continued to use that content to promote my practice areas and provide information to potential clients. The effects of this content marketing program have been nothing short of spectacular. I was strongly of the opinion that my potential clients were not looking on the internet to find me, and I have been forced to reevaluate that conclusion after I watched my business grow 40% in just six months. Silvernail Web Design’s content marketing and SEO programs have paid for themselves twenty times over, and it is quite possibly the best investment I’ve ever made in my business.

Mark Kowal Attorney at Law

If you are in the market for a new website then you need to talk to Don Silvernail at Silvernail Web Design. Don did a great job designing my law firm's website and I highly recommend him. Even before we started, I knew Don was a different kind of web designer, he recognized the importance of taking the time to get to know me, learn my product, and learn who my target audience will be – he didn’t rush the process and simply throw a few fancy pictures on a webpage, fill the page with vanilla, boring copy and then send me the bill. To the contrary, Don approached the design process as a collaborative effort; promptly answering each of my questions and explaining how all of the functions and add-ins we included in the website will assist my target market and how they will operate when the website was completed. Most important, Don recognizes that a website is a visual medium, and he paid very close attention to how I wanted my website to look and operate and made it a reality. Simply put, if you want a professional, sophisticated website – look no further, talk to Don and Silvernail Web Design.

John Wilkey Musician / Author

No employer wants the guy who 'just does his job'. Any manager or team leader is looking for the guy who brings it all to the table. So if you are going to hire someone to design a web site, you should take the same approach. I'll make it easy on you. Hire Don Silvernail. Don didn't just put some pictures and words about my graphic novel on the inter-web. His methods involved learning about my labor of love and understanding how it came to be. With this approach, the only result you can expect is web content that resonates with the same intent and spirit you placed into your own work. Don will be a friend to you.