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5 Small Business Marketing Strategies

Small businesses must pay close attention to the current needs and preferences of today’s customers.  Current trends point to the use of mobile devices, shopping online, environmental awareness, social media and the importance of customer reviews. Small businesses should focus on answering the search intent of their prospects in order to drive traffic to their online […]

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Silvernail Web Design Proud to Receive a Five-Star Review

With 2 million businesses advertising on Facebook as of 2018, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to craft a social media presence that stands out to consumers.Establishing an authentic social media personality for your business can be challenging in today’s world. But don’t worry—we’re here to help! At Silvernail Web Design, we offer custom WordPress […]

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Who Will Your Customers Trust? Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

What is the single most important trait your prime customer looks for when deciding who to do business with? That trait my fellow readers is “TRUST”. Trust is the foundation of any business and should be instilled within company culture.What is Company Culture?  The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines culture as “The set of shared attitudes, values, […]

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Take the bull by the horns: Success

Fear is the most debilitating factor to success. It is like a cancer whose only goal is to destroy the motivation of the individual. For some, fear is terribly difficult to overcome, but the experience of failure is the only solution. As an aspiring entrepreneur one must understand that failure is success, that not everything tried will have a positive outcome, that those outcomes are the building blocks to success.

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