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Social Networking!!!!

Don Silvernail // 05/13/2013
Social Networking
Social Networking

Social Networking…

I used to think that Social Networking was a fad; I was almost proven right when My Space kicked the bucket. Now, however; Social networks are a necessary aspect of the multimedia designer. How does ones work get to the eyes of the audience? Social Networks! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + the list goes on and on. So how does one keep track and participate in the social universe that is the Internet. Link everything form one website, blog, or other online entity to post to all your social networks. Of course it always helps to have a few of those apps on your smart phone for quick posting on the go.

Is it necessary to be so connected? In my opinion yes! This is just me though, I have a bountiful imagination that needs some release and social networks give me that platform. The build brand recognition for one’s company, they create loyalty among ones fans and audience, they deliver ones content to the masses for the world to see. As a Web Designer and Developer this is necessary to connect with the audience or in some cases the client.

It is a rewarding experience however to create and distribute. It is not about acceptance but delivering a product to be consumed!

About the Author Don Silvernail

When you love what you do for a living, it's not work. I love Designing WordPress Websites and crafting unique Content Marketing Strategies for my Clients.
I am also a Fishing Enthusiast, avid Gamer, and most recently... I bought a Jeep and joined the Jeep Wrangler Club. If you see me on the road, don't forget to wave!

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