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Inspirational Quotes- A Social Marketing Agenda

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For your Social Marketing campaigns we all know content is KING!

The days of spamming keywords on websites to grow search rankings is over. Google has put in place a system that is very hard to manipulate and we small business owners have to find creative ways to put our message in front of our prospects. This as you can imagine is not easily done. To build up your search ranking social marketing now comes into play. What content should be created to enhance the user experience and increase your search rank? What makes people engage with your content, does it have to be specifically related to your business? I think content these days should be related to your business but at times, the content steps outside the boundaries of your box. So I did some research and found that inspirational quotes increase user engagement. Creating content that utilizes inspirational quotes is 66% more likely to reach your target audience and beyond. The more shares, likes, and comments your content receives the more it boosts your ranking with google. So next time you post something from your website to Facebook, Twitter, Google+  try creating content with inspirational words of encouragement to get your prospects to engage.


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