Cardone Electric WordPress Design for New Jersey Electrician

Cardone Electric WordPress Design

Cardone Electric: WordPress Design for New Jersey Electrician

I love doing WordPress redesigns especially when the site being redesigned is much older. It gives my client as well as myself a glimpse at how far we have come with technology. Just five years ago designing for mobile devices was niche at best, today its a must. All my WordPress designs are responsive as is this design created for Cardone Electric. The old site was viewable on a mobile device but it was small and hard to read. You could not pinch the screen on a mobile device to make it bigger. This was ineffective for my client, todays yellow book is Google and when people search for electricians with their phones and other mobile devices it is a must to be “mobile friendly” This is not just about the website shrinking to be viewable on a smaller screen but other conveniences as well such as tap to call, clicking addresses to automatically bring up a gps app, or adding to favorites for use later. Lets face it mobile devices have made our lives easier and the web should accommodate.
Cardone Electric was also looking for a modern design that would have the ability to be updated easily. Good new is all My WordPress designs are user friendly. I give all my WordPress clients tutorials on how to use their site after its complete. Many like the ease of use for updating testimonials, blog posts, or portfolio pieces. Cardone Electric will be able to use their new WordPress site to market to new customers as well as optimize content for SEO. This is why one invests in a new WordPress Design, to reach new customers and expand their business.
This design utilizes the Revolution Slider with a very unique effect. I wanted to bring out the idea the electricity is powerful and not just anyone should mess around with their own electrical services. I used a large image of a man holding and electric bolt, I used a transition that brings this image to center as if it was coming right out at you catching the attention of potential customers. I think it works. what do you think?
Below you will find some before and after images to show the transformation from old website to a new WordPress Design.


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