Written by Don Silvernail

Apex Anglers Original WordPress Design

When AJ contacted me about doing his website I got really excited. I love fishing and I love sharks! AJ had a really unique idea for the Jersey Shore. He was about to try something I have only seen done from the shores of tropical waters like the Gulf Coast of Florida! I believed his business plan would work and began brainstorming. What will catch the eyes of potential clients? Well of-course photos and videos of successful shark fishing. AJ and I conversed about what types of images and videos we could put on the website and I got some news that shocked me. AJ did not want to include videos that often. I asked why and his answers was perfectly brilliant “videos will show the locations I fish. I have spent time and many hours fishing to find the best spots on the Jersey Shore, I don’t want to share with potential competitors”! This I understand. As Apex Anglers grow and bring more and more people fishing others may try to duplicate their success. This is also the sign of a good business model. Anything that works is always replicated.

Once we got the basic ideas together I began working on the layout when it dawned on me. This was the first Original WordPress Design I have had the pleasure to work on in quite awhile. Most of my workload has been WordPress Redesigns of already existing websites. This project was a breath of fresh air. A subject I enjoy combined with an original concept for a fellow New Jersey entrepreneur. what more could I ask for. AJ started producing copy as the layout began to take shape. I used Gravity Forms and the Paypal extension to produce a form for booking trips and taking a minimal deposit. We decided to name the blog Fishing Reports as this is where all the stories and greatest catches would be found. Wouldn’t you know it the weekend the site goes live Apex Anglers has an awesome weekend on the beach catching over 40 sharks!

Apex Anglers is catch and release only as they want to preserve the future of these magnificent Jersey fish. Feel free to contact them if interested in booking a trip.

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